Eagle Energy Solutions is an Energy Services Company offering a wide range of energy services including assessment, design, procurement, and development of energy management technology and grid tied renewable energy solutions.

Our Mission To continually enhance mechanical and electrical systems and add value to your organization.

Eagle Energy offers complimentary assessments and site analysis.

EES offers full Turnkey and Financial Services for all Renewable Energy and Energy Management services :

Renewable Energy
‣Site Analysis
‣Design and Engineering
‣Planning, Phasing, and Development
‣Power Purchase Agreements

Energy Management
‣ISO 50001 Compliance
‣Energy Assessments
‣Complete Incentive Procurement
‣Engineered Tax Service
‣Reduced Demand
‣Increased Performance and Quality
‣Ergonomic Benefits
‣3 Year Maintenance Program
‣Innovative Financing Solutions
Our Commitment Eagle Energy combines best-in-class consultation with cost effective solutions for a Quick Payback Period.

How is EES Cost Effective?
‣Reduce non-value added electrical systems
‣Reuse or Rebuild existing materials
‣Recycle unused and hazardous material
‣Lean Operating Costs
‣Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)
‣Focus on Quality
Our History Eagle Energy has proven to maximize efficiency and reduce electricity costs. Our staff of certified professionals and technicians have permanently removed 1,280,657 Kwhs.
Green House Gas Equivalencies of 176 Cars off the road, or
CO2 emissions from the electricity use of 112 homes per year